Happy Tails Dry Dog Instant Clean

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Size: 9 ounces.

All natural, eco-friendly bath replacement spray, waterless shampoo and dry bath

Today's dog about town has no time to stop and bathe, that's why there's Dry Dog Instant Clean! Spray it on and "lickity" split, your powerhouse pooch has gone from eau d'road kill to fresh and fruity kiwi melon. This powerful all-natural formula cleanses without water, rinsing or mess and, unlike many other bath replacement sprays, doesn't just mask bad smells with heavy perfume it eradicates completely, An all-natural ingredient called Ordenone traps and eliminates the odor causing proteins leaving your high speed hound refreshed renewed and ready for his next appointment.

All this in one bottle:

1. Reduce odors - Dry Dog contains ingredients that actually get rid of unpleasant odors. Dry Dog doesn't just mask the smell, it eradicates it completely.
2. Clean muddy paws - Spray Dry Dog onto dirty paws and wipe off the dirt and mud with a dry cloth.
3. Last's from 4 to 6 hours depending on the activity level of your dog.
4. Also excellent for removing smells from pet beds and frequently used furniture.