Paws Fur Treats, LLC is a home-based, online bakery/boutique for dogs, owned and operated in Texas, by Mike and Sandy Pope.  Contact us at pawsfurtreats@suddenlink.net

For years we talked about starting our own business because we believed that it was possible to have a job that we loved. We knew that in order for this business to be something that we truly loved, it would have to be a business that involved animals. After losing our beloved Molly, we got our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Baylea. It had been 16 years since we had a puppy, so being older and wiser, we wanted to do everything perfectly. We wanted Baylea to be well trained, and we wanted to feed her only good quality food and treats. Since most of her training was reinforced with treats, we saw an immediate need to find treats that were wholesome, healthy, and small. That need for healthy training treats became twofold with the addition of Isabelle (Izzy). Because we found it difficult to find wholesome treats that were a good size for smaller breeds, we began making our own treats. After months of perfecting our treats, we decided to obtain an official guaranteed analysis and share our treats with others.

We then expanded our product line to include personalized towels and blankets, durable toys, and much more!!

Baylea and Izzy - our inspiration!